We offer A to Z organizational consulting services, from forming until you exit the organization.

We have 3 Packages depending on your needs, preferences, and budget: 

I. Done by You. 

With this basic package, we provide the solution, and you do the work yourself.

  • We gather the requirements.
  • Scoping the project.
  • Conduct the research and surveys.
  • Give you the final report.
  • And then, you go out to implement and evaluate your progress with no or little follow up from us.

II. Done with You. 

With this intermediary package, we provide the solution, and you implement it with some assistance from us. On top of what we offer under Done by You:

  • We provide some resources that assist you in implementing.
  • We may offer templates and samples.
  • We will also coach you throughout the process so that you can implement the deliverables effectively.

III. Done for You. 

With this advanced package, we take the lead in implementing the solution. With this package:

  • We interview you and/or key stakeholders to understand your needs and goals.
  • We gather requirements, scope the project, and solicit your feedback before implementing.
  • We implement and deliver the final deliverables.
  • We will work on the final deliverable until you approve it.
  • We will continue to implement/administer and monitor your progress.

Our consulting services follow a simple and straightforward model (4Ds):

  • Discover (Identifying the problem and setting goals phase).
  • Define (Outlining and scoping phase).
  • Deliver (Submitting the deliverables phase).
  • Deploy (Implementing/administering and evaluation phase).

Below are the available (A to Z) consulting services where we help you from starting your organization to designing its culture, branding, marketing, scaling, and ultimately exiting with outstanding returns:

I. Establishing and Launch Your 1st or Next Organization. 

Assist you in designing, forming, and launching your first or next organization successfully within a SHORT period and without WASTING lots of unnecessary resources such as your FINANCE, ENERGY, and yours and your people’s TIME. 

Here are some of the deliverables:

  1. Establishment (Vision Impartation) Document, which you will use to recruit Board members, Shareholders, and other key stakeholders.
  2. Article of Incorporation to register the organization.
  3. By-Laws (Operational or Partnership Agreement), which govern the operation of the organization.
  4. Business Plan, which helps your leadership, team members, key stakeholders, and investors understand your vision for the company.
  5. Short and Long Term Strategic Plans, which clearly state the strategies, objectives, and tasks that will be taken as you form, launch, brand, market, and scale the organization until it fulfills its mission and realizes its vision.
  6. Team Charter, which guides and governs the team.


  1. Though this consulting service is best for launching a new organization, you can use this service for existing organizations to lay a proper foundation to operate optimally and scale effectively when the time comes.
  2. Though we help you form your 1st or next organization, you still need to consult your lawyer and CPA for law, tax, and accounting issues.

II. Forming a Unique and Robust Culture or Reforming the Existing One. 

Help you transform your culture to transform your organization by creating a unique culture or reform the existing culture and make it vibrant which in turn increases PRODUCTIVITY, improves COLLABORATION, Elevates MORALE, creates SYNERGY, and HARMONY within a SHORT TIME giving you a huge COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. 

Some of the deliverables:

  1. Conducting Surveys, Focus Group discussions, and Brainstorming sessions as you discover the values that matter the most and recognize shared values- the pillars of your culture.
  2. Nominating Culture Ambassadors who advocate and promote the culture.
  3. Establishing a Task Force that leads the formation/reformation of the culture, a team that supports the ambassadors, and resolves disputes when disputes arise.
  4. Crafting a Culture Play Book that guides the process of forming (reforming) the culture.

III. Creating Systems, Processes, and Scaling Your Organization

Assist you in creating robust systems and processes, automating and integrating, and scaling your organization to fulfill your vision, meet your long-term goals, and serve a LARGER NUMBER of Clients and Stakeholders by taking your organization to the NEXT LEVEL quickly and effectively.

Some of the deliverables:

  1. Creating Systems for your various Functions.
  2. Processes for each System.
  3. Crafting the necessary Documentations, which make it easy for your team to understand and implement your systems and processes with little or no supervision from you, saving you your precious time and energy.
  4. Proposing multiple Approaches to scale.
  5. Implement the scaling using the method (s) you chose until you achieve your scaling goals.

IV. Brand and Market Your Organization and Sell Your Products and Services

We will help you with content and copywriting for your platforms, such as websites, funnels, blogs, and emails; Refining your branding, marketing, and sales messages, strategies, and processes; Designing, configuring, and administering your funnels; Creating and administering your ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram; Mentoring you to pitch high-stake proposals when you raise capital and sell your big ideas; and Guiding you outline, draft, publish, promote, and sell your books.

Below are some of the deliverables:

  1. Copywriting for Website Pages, Blogs, Emails, and Social Media Posts. Help you attract qualified leads, nurture the relationship, and convert prospects into clients to buy your ideas, products, and services by using SEO friendly strategies, conducting THOROUGH RESEARCH on the competition, applying HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY, and NEUROSCIENCE HACKS.
  2. Refining Marketing, Branding, and Sales Processes. Support you in reengineering your entire processes of marketing, branding, and sales to tap into the opportunities and overcome the challenges today’s marketplace presents by leveraging your UNIQUENESS, STORIES, and the potential and talent of your PEOPLE, and by using your scarce RESOURCES smartly and strategically.
  3. Building, Configuring, and Launching Funnels. Assist you in structuring and pricing your frontend, and backend products and services, design, integrate, automate, launch, and promote your first or next funnel, and make it EVERGREEN and PROFITABLE.
  4. Designing, Setting, and Administering Ads. Help you pick the right frontend product to offer, craft your ad strategies, identify the right market and audience, USP, ad platforms, write killer SALES COPIES for your social media ads (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube), configure, test, run, and evaluate your ads that attract the right CLIENTS (audience), convert quality PROSPECTS, and increase the SALES of your message, products, and services.
  5. Crafting, Refining, and Pitching Products, Services, and Ideas. Help you articulate your selling points, train, give you feedback, and coach you to pitch your products, services, and ideas on multiple platforms to investors, sponsors, venture capitalists, and strategic partners.
  6. Outlining, Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Books. Support you in selecting the right title, outline, draft, publish, promote on various platforms, and distribute your 1st or next book and give it a fighting chance to become a BESTSELLER.
A video clip explaining why you should use funnels to promote and sell your products and services and how we may help you…

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